What a week!

This has been an amazing week for us at Detroit Dog Park and we have you to thank. First, we got approval for our site! Then, media! Now, a chance to win hundreds of dollars to build. READ ON!

On Monday, we woke up with less than $5,000 in pledges for Kickstarter. We were a little nervous. We thought we had a good idea, and really felt we’d explained it well. But we’d hit a lull in donations. It was troubling.

Later that afternoon, we learned that our application had been accepted by the city of Detroit’s General Services Department to build the dog park at Macomb Playlot in the Corktown neighborhood of Detroit!!!, near the old train station. That’s right! We have a site now, and we cannot wait to start building on it! Pix to come.

On Tuesday, we woke up to a story about us in the Detroit Free Press. And the internet took over. Nearly 1,500 people recommended the Free Press story. Other news outlets started calling. Our link was shared on FB dozens of times. And, by the end of the week, we’d been mentioned on Channel 4, TV20, WWJ, the Detroit News, Curbed Detroit, Huff Post and Deadline Detroit. Our Board Chair, Carly Mys, was exhausted. 🙂

But it’s been amazing. Today, we have more than $10,000 in donations from all over the US and a couple of international places. We have 10 days to go, and less than $5,000 to raise to meet our goal. And on Sunday, we will be among the four groups presenting the dog park to Detroit SOUP, a fundraising dinner in which participants listen to pitches and vote on the idea they think is best – best for Detroit, best for its people, and best for themselves.

If you can join us on Sunday at 6:30 (proposals start at 7:30) at 2900 E. Grand Blvd., that would be awesome. If you can donate (see the Kickstarter button to the right), that would be more awesome. If you could both, holy crap how we would love you! Thank you!



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