Less than a week into our Kickstarter campaign, and we’re already at $2,700. This makes us so happy, thankful and proud of our community – and the Kickstarter community – for pitching in to help us build this park.

In exchange for your donation, we can offer you some pretty cool pieces of Detroit’s history. Check it out!

Ashtrays – In Detroit’s Madmen era, no business went without branded ashtrays. These are slightly larger than your palm, and can hold any number of cool things if you don’t smoke. A 1950′s/1960′s classic. We have two.

Ticket stubs – In Detroit’s heyday, as the car was fueling our growth, people still relied on trains to get to Point B when Point A was hundreds of miles away. These are stamped ticket stubs from the 1920′s to destinations around the MIdwest and Canada. We have tons.

Dog tags – As Motown met funk in the 1970′s, Detroiters who registered their dogs with the city got these nifty dog-house shaped licenses. Put ‘em on your pup, wear them as a necklace, turn them into a keychain. The possibilities are endless. to learn more, or to donate. Thanks!

Here are a few of the vintage Detroit rewards from our Kickstarter campaign. Help us raise $15,000! Get a piece of Detroit history while helping fund its future.


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