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We are DETROIT DOG PARK, a group of Detroit area residents who want to build an off-leash park for people and their dogs within Detroit city limits.

Our idea is pretty simple. There’s a lot of vacant and unused land in Detroit. There are a lot of people with dogs in Detroit. We want to bring those worlds together. We want to build community, both between dog owners and between park users and the community in which we’re located. We want to create. We want to transform. We want to play.

How we got here:

In June 2011, the idea of a dog park started percolating between local businessfolk and dog owners. A survey was sent out. Information gathered. We learned what people wanted and what they didn’t. We started looking for the perfect site.

Many. Months. Later.

We’ve identified a key location, and are working hard to finalize an agreement to use it. A main committee meets regularly and we note our progress. Meanwhile, we host a monthly Dog Party at the old Detroit Tigers stadium at Michigan Avenue and Trumbull Street.

We’re gathering volunteers, who can help us do everything from data entry to construction. That’s where you come in.  With every week, we get closer to making this park a reality. We need your help, both physically and financially. If you have a dog, and can envision Fido running free, playing with other dogs and coming home completely exhausted and happy, you’re one of us. If you are friends with dog-people, you’re one of us. If you want to see changes to Detroit that add value, beauty and spark community, you’re one of us. Like us on Facebook, sign up for blog updates, come to our periodic large group meetings, and start telling your friends all about us. Thank you.

Detroit Dog Park: Barking up a park in the Motor City.

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