In June 2011, a group of dog owners started talking about how Detroit didn’t have a true dog park. There were places where folks would let their pups run off-leash, but to get that true experience – fences, other dogs, benches, water, playscapes, you name it – we had to travel up to 30 minutes to dog parks in neighboring communities.

As we looked around the city, we saw what people in and out of Detroit see all the time – vacant land. But what we also saw was opportunity. How about we take one of those pieces of land, and turn it into a park? How about we fence it off, make it friendly, inviting, fun? How about we create an amenity for Detroit that defines other big cities?

Since then, we explored the city and found, through the help of city officials, the perfect space for our first park. It’s located at Macomb Playlot, an old playground at 17th and Rose Streets in Corktown, near the iconic train station. Through the incredible generosity of PetSmart, we were able to build the park and open in late April of 2015.

We are committed to Detroit. We are committed to our community. We are committed to being part of the city’s future. And we thank you for being part of our park.