A little more about Macomb Playlot

This is what we’re starting with.

Detroit is full of parks – seriously. Hundreds. But the city doesn’t have the funds to maintain them all.

Enter Adopt-a-Park. It’s a city program that allows community groups and neighborhood organizations to adopt city parks, improve and maintain them, in exchange for being able to decide what happens there. Other groups in Detroit have used the program to clean up, restore and truly revitalize some of the city’s most beautiful green spaces.

Our park is Macomb Park, also known as Macomb Playlot. It’s an old playground near the iconic train station and Roosevelt Park. The land is roughly 0.7 acres and shaped like a trapezoid. One side faces 17th Street, and another faces the dead end part of Rose Street. Right now, it’s got grass that is being mowed periodically. What we’re hoping to do is fence off the back 3/4 of the lot for dogs to play, leaving the part that faces 17th Street open for residents, dogs on leash and visitors to sit and relax in the shadow of one of Michigan’s most historic buildings.

If you come to Detroit SOUP on Sunday (doors open at 6:30 p.m., 2900 E. Grand Blvd, Detroit), you’ll learn more about our plans. You’ll donate $5 for a light dinner and have a chance to vote for us to win a portion of that $5 that will let us spread our Kickstarter funds a little more widely around the park.

More pix to come, but here’s a glimpse of what will become Detroit Dog Park.

Here’s our park – Macomb Playlot. Check out our plans and imagine what the park will look like.

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